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Ever since Burst released their marvellous, unhinged masterpiece Lazarus Bird in 2008, we have wanted to see them. A quiet dream was to see them at Be Prog! in Poble Espanyol, so although they broke up in 2009 we didn’t care – we asked them to play anyway.

And now it is confirmed: Burst have agreed to regroup to play a full rendition of Lazarus Bird and other choice cuts at Be prog! 2018. Crazy!!!!!

Despite their short life as a band, this band released one of the finest discographies. Aside from Lazarus Bird, LP:s include Prey On Life and the 2005 fan favourite “Origo” – a remarkable release. Everyone who has listened to opener “Where the Wave Broke” knows what we mean.

Announcing this Swedish act is just the perfect way to complete 2018’s line up. We cannot be more happy and honored for having Burst playing such a special show for Be Prog. My Friend.